We’re a group of friends who love adventure. Over the years, we’ve scaled mountains, cycled across countries, gone backcountry on skis and snowboards, climbed rock faces and hiked through a range of terrains. 

This isn’t what we do for a living. Instead, it’s a passion that sustains us, nourishes our souls and sustains a longing. We believe embarking on adventures is an essential part of human experience.


Adventure isn't constrained solely to wild outdoor escapades and adventure sports though - it can come from expanding the boundaries of our thinking and changing everyday habits to embrace an attitude of exploration and discovery. 


So why ‘Pockets of Glory’? In 2017, two of us were making an impromptu escape to Aviemore for some skiing and exploring. It was a weekend squeezed around the precious time spent with family and the demands of work. During the drive, there were musings on the trip and our general longing for adventure, with the conclusion that although we may not be able to live our lives as full-time adventurers, we can carve out these small pockets of glory, that provide us with the fuel and nourishment that brings joy and freedom, gives us perspective, and enables us to be better partners, parents, leaders and friends. 


Hence, Pockets Of Glory was born. A place for us to simply capture our adventures of all shapes and sizes, and occasionally our musings and meditations on adventure, life and personal growth.


Come on in.